Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Swoon 016 - October 6, 2003

Moshic - Indian Moon (Pitchblack)
Jas - The Sultry Jigsaw Jam
Soul Mekanik - I'll Call You (thin red man mix)
Powder Productions - Cuban Fire
Aphasia - Acapulco (Acid Island Trip) (Hooj)
Delerium ft Jael - After All (Blue Haze Undermood) (Nettwerk)
Darko - Phased (Blackwatch Spanish Harlem Dub)
Alaska Soul - Wonderful (infusion remix)
Amani vs Teapot - 2 Days In The Desert
The Hush feat. Leah - Think (Hydrogen Rockers unreleased vocal) (Bedrock)
Amorphous Androgynous - Autopimps (Steiger edit)
Bermuda Triangle - tay do 22
Alex and Tommyboy - Haw (Luke Chable Mix)
Unkle - Eye 4 An Eye - [Mode mix] (Mowax)
Funky Green Dogs - Burnin Up (Flatline mix) (Twisted)
Filterheadz - The One Who Got Caught (Intec)
Zoot Woman - It's Automatic (Cosmos vs Zoot Woman Club Mix)
Dirty Bass - Emotional Soundscape
Mike Ink - Paroles (Original)