Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Swoon 081 - January 31, 2005 - Return to the Dancefloor

The Juan Maclean - I Robot (DFA)
Esoterik - Pursuit (Rephlex)
NAW - Campfire Cricket Melodies (Noise Factory)
AFX - Stepping Filter 101 (Rephlex)
Plump DJs - The Funk Hits the Fan (Finger Lickin')
Anthony Rother - Red Light District (BLIM remix) (psi49net)
Lady B - Swany (Vitalic remix)
Pixeltan - Get Up/Say What (DFA)
Faithless - Mass Destruction (Paul Jackson's Big Weapon mix) (Cheeky)
OCB - Synchronicity (Spincycle mix)
Eddie Richards - Medown
Peace Division - Beatz in Piecez (Low Pressings)
Randall Jones - Cultural Assertion
Cassius - The Sound of Violence (Narcotic Thrust mix)
Plaid - Coat (Warp)
Manual & Syntaks - Sal Paradise (Darla)
BJ Cole - Are You Ready For Some Country (Cooking Vinyl)
Akumu - Quietly Disruptive (Spider)
Tim Hecker - Counter Attack (Alien8)
Junior Boys - Three Words (Domino)
Depeche Mode - Halo (Goldfrapp mix) (Mute)