Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Swoon 089 - April 11, 2004

DJ Shine - Coach [to] (Nice and Smooth)
Impossible Beings - Greasy Kittens (End)
Moonface - U Get So Give (Bedrock)
Ricardo Villalobos - I Try to Live (Can I Live) (Playhouse)
Swayzak - Keep It Coming (K7)
NAW - Railroading After Dark (Noise Factory)
Monolake- Ice
Casino vs Japan - Marilyn Set Me Free (Attack Nine)
Manual & Syntaks - Adinava (Darla)
Steve Lawler - Illectronic Music (Ultra)
Jamez - Feeling Good (Mute)
Steve Porter - Vodka Cranberries (Fade)
Orbital - Crash and Carry (ffrr)
Redanka - Waves
Softballet - You
Plaid - Tan Sau (Warp)
Junior Boys - High Come Down (Domino)
Squarepusher - F-train
Vincent Gallo - A Wet Cleaner (Warp)
Morgan Caney and Kamal Joory - Take My Light (City Centre Offices)