Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Swoon 106 - August 8, 2005

Jamie Lidell - When I Come Back Around (Warp)
Esthero - Beautiful Lie (Reprise)
Royksopp - Triumphant (Wall of Sound)
Daft Punk - Make Love (Virgin)
Bootsauce - Let's Eat Out (Vertigo)
Some Water and Sun - Some Water and Sun
Boy Robot - Magic Toys for Girls and Boys (City Center Offices)
Richard Devine - Timach (Sublight)
Black Dog Productions - Jauqq (Warp)
Susumu Yokota - Long Long Silk Bridge (Lo)
Death in Vegas - Anita Berber
Hanne Hukkelberg - Cast Anchor (Leaf)
Hearts of Space - Breathe Out (Rising High)
Art of Trance - Haagen Daaz (Platipus)
X-Asp - Magic Strings (Rephlex)
Meat Katie - Devil In Me (Kingsize)
Medway vs. Pete Gawtry - La Fin Du Monde (Mike Hiratzka mix)
Quivver - Space Manoeuvres Part 3 (Boz Boz)
Terry Grant - I'll Kill You (John Debo mix) (Bedrock)