Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Swoon 108 - August 22, 2005

The Future Sound of London - Cascade (Virgin)
Aphex Twin - Cow Cud Is A Twin (Warp)
Susumu Yokota - The Dying Black Swan (Lo)
Some Water and Sun - Blossom (Hefty)
Richard Devine - Timach (Sublight)
Boy Robot - Sweet Honeybees of Infinity (City Centre Offices)
The London Apartments - Oh What a Day in Autumn
Slowdive - J's Heaven (Creation)
Death in Vegas - Heil Xanax
Tights - Whitethroat Babies (Drip Audio)
Jamie Lidell - What Is It This Time? (Warp)
The Free Design - I Found Love (Styrofoam and Sarah Shannon mix) (Light in the Attic)
Lyn Collins feat the JB's - Think (About It) (Tommy Boy)
Ellen Allien - Down (Bpitchcontrol)
Mossyrock - I Want to Eat Your Mouth (Nice+smooth)
Peter Schumann - RIC (Traum)
X-asp - T minus 30 (Rephlex)
Virgo Four - Take Me Higher (Soul Jazz)
Caribou - Boreal Forest Opper (Domino)
Uncle de la Cruz - Daze (4mg)
Amon Tobin - Theme From Battery (Ninja Tune)
Pub - Summer (Arovane mix 1) (Vertical Form)