Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Swoon 110 - September 12, 2005

Dominik Eulberg - Die Rohrdommel Und Der Wachtelkönig Im Schachtelhalmlabyrinth (Traum) Vinny Troia - Expressions (Abe Duque mix)
Soul Mekanik - Get Your Head Stuck to Your Neck
Andry Nalin pres. Bush II Bush - Piano Track (SAW)
Blaze - Do You Remember House? (Solid Groove mix)
Solid Groove - This is Sick
DJ Pierre - Box Energy (Soul Jazz)
The Black Dog - Vantool (GPR)
Lucien and Mathew Jonson - Alpine Rocket (Perlon)
Junior Boys - Birthday (Manitoba mix) (Domino)
Death in Vegas - Sons of Lucifer (True North)
Koushik - Too Many Ways
Telefon Tel Aviv - Got Me Lost Driving in Life (Hefty)
Jamie Lidell - Newme (Warp)
Mossyrock - Whiskey is the Devil (Nice+smooth)
Bruce Haack - Mudra (Stereolab mix) (Eenie Meenie)
Tights - Swallow Small Bones (Drip Audio)
F2 - Dominica (Vegas Soul remix one) (Bellboy)
Lindstrom - I Feel Space (Feedelity)