Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Swoon 135 - April 17, 2006

Nathan Fake - Numb Chance (Traum)
Bola - Vibe a Rolla (Scump remix) (Peacefrog)
The Project - Here We Go (R&S)
Crowdpleaser & St. Plomb - New Times Roman (Mental Groove)
Oxia - Domino (Kompakt Extra)
Popnoname - On the Run (Italic)
Triple R - Tengo Suerte Esta Noche (My Best Friend)
Pelle Buys - Enemy Mine (Italic)
DJ Koze - Kosi Comes Around (Audion mix) (Kompakt)
Butane - Tinker Toy (Num)
Alex Under - El Diluvio Azul (Traum)
Stardiver - Borderline (Kompakt Extra)
New Order - Jetstream (Pete Heller Phela Vox) (Warner)
New London School of Electronics - Dream to Dawn (Rising High)
Beaumont Hannant - SC931 (GPR)
Meat Makes Meat - White Flag (United Deviations)
Subtractivelad - Rarum Natura (n5md)
Birdy Nam Nam - Escape
Coldcut - Boogieman (Ninja Tune)
Michael Mayer and Mathias Aguayo - Slow (Kompakt)
Circlesquare - Fight Sounds (Output)