Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Swoon 146 - July 3, 2006

Plaid - Superpositions (Warp)
Ellen Allien and Apparat - Sleepless (Bpitchcontrol)
Funckarma - Duuster and Donker
1-Speed Bike - There is an Oil Tanker Named Condoleeza Rice (Broklyn Beats)
The Black Dog - D.O.G. Style (Dusted)
Boards of Canada - Skyliner (Warp)
Nathan Fake - Long Sunny (Vincent Oliver mix) (Border Community)
Solenoid - Protein Lemuria (Ware)
Markese - Oregano (Dirty Mixmasters mix) (My Best Friend)
Anders Ilar - Cookies and Milk (Nummer)
Tomas Jirku - All You Need is Love (Nummer)
The Field - A Paw In My Face (Kompakt)
Michael Mayer and Reinhard Voigt - Transparenza (Kompakt)
Pulseprogramming - Off to do Showery Snapshots (Static mix) (Aesthetics)
Nathan Fake - You Are Here (Border Community)
Blockhead - The First Snowfall (Ninja Tune)
Martina Topley-Bird - Soulfood (Charles Webster's Slo Mix) (Quango)
Champion - Guy Doune (Saboteur)
Junobot - Plastic (R9)
Brian Eno and David Byrne - The Carrier (Nonesuch)