Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Swoon 177 - March 5, 2007

Jeremy Caulfield - Lace Wing Puff (Dumb Unit)
From Karaoke to Stardom - Stompin Nation (Rrygular)
Ryan Crosson - Gotham Road (Magda mix) (Trapez)
Wechsel Garland - Mutes (DJ Koze mix) (Kalk)
Jega - Norton Midgate (Silent)
Bola - Effanajor (Skam)
Orb - Abstractions (Island)
Patrick Baumel - Just Electricity (Trapez)
Aril Brikkha - Berghain (Kompakt)
Solieb - Isotropy (Lazy Fat People mix) (Maschine)
Thomas Schumacher - Red Purple (Spielzug)
San Diego - Rogoredo (Trapez)
Adultnapper - Kaitlin (Superfreq)
Stephan Bodzin - Tron
Motiivi Tuntematon - Mankind Failed (Kompakt)
Amute - Disco Flags Are All Around You (Intr.version)
Bitrate - R2d2's got the blues (Db)
Avia Gardner - Fearsome and Terrible (Intr.version)
Mike Monday - Bhalobashi (Sideshow dub) (Simple)
Trentemoller - Evil Dub (Poker Flat)
The Black Dog - Mental Ward Sleep Machine (Soma)
Mike Shannon - Quetschkomode (Cynosure)

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