Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Swoon 183 - April 16, 2007

The 7th Plain - Symphony for the Surrealists (Ostgut)
Burbuja - Recipe To Cook An Idea
Thomas Fehlmann - T r n t t f (Kompakt)
The Quantum Hologram - States of Grace (Kelp)
LCD Soundsystem - Someone Great (EMI)
Popnoname - No Doubt (Italic)
Paulussen and Cali - Destra (Lofi stereo)
Einmusik - Saw and Backings (Italic)
Audiojack - Coastline (20:20 Vision)
Claude von Stroke - Whistler (Audiofly remix) (Go deeva)
Octogen - C-side (D-beat remix) (Soma)
Riton - Hammer of Thor (Connaisseur)
Shiloh - Café del Mariachi (Hope)
Stephan Bodzin - Liebe Est (Spielzeug)
Lawrence - Along the Wire (Superpitcher mix) (Ladomat 2000)
Metope - Untitled AR01
Jeremy Caulfield - Licorice Wing (Dumb Unit)
Selway Vincenzo - Dream Stealer (Joel Mull mix) (csm)
Tim Hecker - They Call Me Jimmy (Alien8)