Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Swoon 186 - May 14, 2007

Ame - Fiori (Ostgut)
Plastikman - Passage In (M-nus)
Sideshow - Music For You (Aus)
Thomas Fehlmann - Strahlensatz (Kompakt)
U2 - Night and Day (Twilight mix)
Eggfooyoung - Gloves (Touchinbass)
Surgeon - Whose Bad Hands Are These? (Dynamic Tension)
[a]pendics.shuffle and Mikael Stavostrand - Small Boxes (Adjunct)
Tomas Jirku - Footloose (So Called)
Touane - Potato Nose (Lan)
Midnight Operator - Midnight Operator (Wagon Repair)
Mike Shannon - Ghost Writer Blues (Cynosure)
Stephand Bodzin - Liebe Est
Troy Pierce, Heartthrob - Horse Nation Amended (M-nus)
Inkfish - Prescreen (Nick Muir mix)
Silicone Soul - 3 a.m. (Soma)
Artificial Latvamaki - It Is Not Now Either (Mezzotinto)
Minilogue, KAB - That's A Nice Way To Give Me Feedback (Great Stuff)
Depeche Mode - Treaure, Little Pleasure (Mute)
Booka Shade - In White Rooms (Get Physical)
NAW - Sunstained Viaduct Passages (Noise Factory)
Quadra - Grey Something (Quadra)
D-pulse - Jane Air (Pro-tez)