Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Swoon 191 - June 18, 2007

Future Loop Foundation – The Sea And Sky (Ashley Beedle mix) (Louisiana)
Skwerl – All Woman (Defected)
Margot – Torch (Extrawelt remix) (Great Stuff)
Elektrochemie – Mucky Star (Get Physical)
Audiofly and Paul Harris – Miscalate (Partial Arts remix) (Rekids)
Dusty Cabinets – She Forgot Her Banner (Kickboxer)
Jeremy P. Caulfield – Licorice Pipe (Dumb Unit)
Larry Heard – Theme From Guidance (Guidance)
Liz Torres – In The City (Trax)
Cobblestone Jazz – Lime In Da Coconut (Wagon Repair)
Stephan Hill – Stoebejazz (Fett)
Audion – Noiser (Spectral)
D-Pulse – Euphoria
Glitches – A Night With Tobeunderground (Defrag)
Marek Bois – Bed Bois Pill (rrygular)
Stephan Bodzin – Meteor (Herzblut)
Larsson – Off Voices (Bpitchcontrol)
Year Of The Knife – The Reflecting Skin (Ghostly International)
Apparat – Useless Information (Shitkatapult)
Pete Black – Chaka Veado (Trax)
M.E – It’s Hot (Trax)