Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Swoon 199 - August 13, 2007

Bola – Diamortem (Skam)
Apparat – Limelight (Shitkatapult)
NAW – Sustained Viaduct Passage (Noise Factory)
Mathew Jonson – Real Dreams (Wagon Repair)
Legion of Green Men – Baqup (Post Contemporary)
Apostle of Hustle – My Sword Hands Anger (Do Right)
Basteroid – Jacktales (Areal)
Ace of Clubs – Whorgan (First Cask)
Will Saul Tam Cooper – Sequential Circuits (Konrad Black remix) (Simple)
Will Saul – Out There (Simple)
Digitalism – Jupiter Room (Kitsune)
Luke Solomon - Ghouls (Claude von Stroke remix) (Rekids)
Blake - Rock Over You (Paolo Martini mix)
Cobblestone Jazz – Saturday Night (Wagon Repair)
Ortega and Stavostrand – Sparkling (Rrygular)
Ace of Clubs – Rubber Chunks (First Cask)
- Follow the DJ (Kompakt)
Audion – Noiser (Spectral)
Riley Reinhold – Lights In Your Eyes (My Best Friend)
Tim Hecker – The Star Compass (Alien8)