Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Swoon 213 - December 3, 2007

Cobblestone Jazz - Intro (Wagon Repair)
Marc Houle - Techno Vocals (M_nus)
Sasha - Park it in the shade (Emfire)
Samim - Blackdeath (Get Physical)
Tiga - Hot In Here (Radioslave remix) (Turbo)
DJ Yellow and Astrid Suryanto - To the top
Dom, Kole - Monster Eats The Pilot
Donnacha Costello - Grape A
Jeremy Caulfield - Nude Beach (Dumb Unit)
Dubfire - Ribcage
Exercise One - Wandering (LAN)
Fairmont - Gazebo Tool (Border Community)
ZTT - Lower State of Consciousness (Justice remix) (Turbo)
Wacker & Zittrich - Rough Collies (Meerestief)
Someone Else - Play It Kershaw (Easy Changes mozgity remix) (Foundsound)
Prosumer and Murat Tepeli - Cathedral (Ostgut Ton)
Slam - Azure (Radioslave remix) (Soma)
John Digweed - Gridlock (Renaissance)
Mathew Jonson - Real Dreams (Wagon Repair)
Boys Noize - Let's Buy Happiness (Turbo)
Artist of the Year - Track 11
Eightcubed - Sexxy Time

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