Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Swoon 216 - January 7, 2008

Will Saul - Cubrika (Simple)
Ripperton - Farra (Connaisseur)
Disk Jokke - Flok L Farta (Kindisch)
IMPS - Almost Live But Definitely Plugged (Mule)
Artist of the Year - You Gave me a stroke on the dancefloor (EMI)
Theatre Ov Idiots - Mind (Interdimensional)
The Cansecos - Juices (Upper class)
Gorillaz - Kids With Guns (Hot Chip mix) (Parlophone)
Lessound - Flysdontmind (Independent)
Onur Ozer - Eclipse (Vakant)
Prosumer and Murat Tepeli - Butterfly (Ostgut Ton)
Tom Middleton - Sense Is Real (Big Chill)
Deadbeat - Mecca drum jack (Wagon Repair)
Danuel Tate - Pushcard (Wagon Repair)
Efdemin - Just a Track (Dial)
Dubfire - I Feel Speed (Audion remix)
Nosak - Abstract Collection (Rotate)
Jackmate - Interspherical Tension
Marc Marzenit - Spheere
Radio Slave - Bell Clap Dance (Rekids)
Kabale und Liebe - Mumbling Yeah
Navid Tahernia - ...I Like (Kompakt)
Sian - Wear Your Scars Like Medals (Roland Appel mix) (Aus)
Joy Division - Atmoshere (Factory)

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