Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Swoon 249 - September 8, 2008

Noze - Ethiopo (Get Physical)
Hrdvision - Melting Fire (Inkwell remix) (Wagon Repair)
Heidi v. Riton - Vejer (Jesse Rose remix) (Get Physical)
Fairmont - Flight of the Albatross (12” Edit) (Border Community)
Donnacha Costello - Trust (Minimise)
Skatebard - Flexy (DFA)
Deadbeat - Night Stepping (Wagon Repair)
Metope - AR3 A (Areal)
Gadi Mizrahi - I Know
Daso - Booker (Connaisseur)
Appleblim & Peverelist - Overhere (Brendan Moeller mix) (Applepips)
NAW - Penny Fishing North of Bay (Noise Factory)
Galerie Stratique - Endangered Animals
Miss Kitten - Grace (Martinez Bass In Your Face mix)
Robert Babicz - Montag (Defrag)
Mario Masullo & Glitches - Pimps Wear Gucci (Pimps Ride Free)
Junior Boys - No Kinda Man (Chloe remix) (Get Physical)
Russian Linesman - Mouth (Roland Klinkenberg remix) (Archipel) <--- free download
Gabriel Ananda - Lila Pause (Traum)
Dandi Wind - Battle of Verdun (Summer Lovers)
Tetrix - Honky Tonk Momma (Odin)
Hexes & Ohs - Still Adore You (Noise Factory)
Goldfrapp - Ohh La La (Mute)
Goldfrapp - Road to Somewhere (Mute)

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