Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Swoon 261 - December 22, 2008

King Roc - Beautiful But Weird
Runaway - Brooklyn Club Jam (LSB Barqueira Jam mix) (Rekids)
Luomo - Love You All (Club Version) (Huume)
Sideshow - Television feat. Cortney Tidwell (Simple)
Beast - Microcyte (Pheromone)
Tranzhop - Road.trippy (Splendid Imaginings)
Daedalus - Touchtones (Ninja Tune)
Dandi Wind - Silver Lying (Summer Lovers)
Old Folks Home - Out the Seams
Heartbreak - Loving the Alien (Rapster)
Stereo Image - Dark Chapter (Normals welcome)
Max Tundra - Orphaned (Domino)
Ben Klock - Coney Island (Ostgut Ton)
Speedy J and Chris Liebing - Magnit Express
Extrawelt - Must Attack (Cocoon)
Hrdvision - Love's Duel (Wagon Repair)
Guy Noir - Delusion (Argy dub) (District of Corruption)
Severed Heads - Betty Botox Greater Reward
The Mole - Smiling and Running (Wagon Repair)
Unkle - Chemistry (Radio Slave remix)
Transform - Transformation (Tobi Neumann & Matthew Styles mix)
Rob Rivers - Didn't I Get this Last Year

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