Thursday, May 14, 2009

Swoon 279 - May 11, 2009

Bomb the Bass - Hold me Up (K7)
Lowfish - Knives (Noise Factory)
RD - The Birth of Houdini's Voice (Touchin Bass)
Tiga - 3 Weeks (Turbo)
Aufgang -Chanel 7 (Krazy Baldhead remix) (Infine)
Cobblestone Jazz - Fiesta (Wagon Repair)
Circlesquare - Dancers (Russ Chimes vs. Anoraak remix) (K7)
Chromeo - My Girl Is Calling Me A Liar (Last Gang)
Mirko Loko - Le Monologue d'Orfeu (Cadenza)
Junior boys - Hazel (Ewan Pearson House mix) (Domino)
Silicone Soul - Call of the Dub (Soma)
Garnica - St. Pauli (Cosmic Cowboys rmx) (Trenton)
Dub Taylor - Human Shades 18 (Siberia)
From Karaoke To Stardom - Grey Areaz (Apnea)
Pole Folder, CP - Dust (Charlie Mayhem Cold Shoulder Dub) (Bedrock)
Adam Marshall - The Owls Won't See Us (Simple)
Tim Susa - Ute Mach (Waste of Time) (Broque)
Planetary Assault System - Temporary Suspension (Ostgut Ton)
N/A - Variance (Regis Edit) (Sandwell District)
Freaky Chakra - Hallucifuge (Exist Dance)
Exercise One - Sleeper (Mobilee)
Releveler - Thread (Interdimensional industries)
EXO - Slipped Away (Boza remix) (Exomusik)

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