Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Swoon 357 - January 10, 2011

80(sun) - Noam (Mayan Chorus) (free download)
From Within - A Million Miles To Earth (M_nus)
Tim Hecker - Hatred of Music I (Kranky)
Egyptrixx - Start of the Beginning (Night Slugs)
Jules Chaz - Clap (Wagon Repair)
Horror Inc. - Dans La Nuit (Haunt)
Azari & III - Into the Night
Funkineven - Heart Pound (Eglo)
Pablo Cahn - Elle (Cadenza)
Culoe de Song - Webaba (Innervisions)
Gotan Project - De Hombre a Hombre (Ame mix) (XL)
Fairmont - They Live in the Moon (Traum)
Sebastien Lavoie - The Rocket Richard (Naisa)

enjoy it
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part two