Thursday, May 19, 2011

Swoon 372 - May 16, 2011

I am back, after two weeks of vacation in Chile. (Pictures soon.)

Arthur Oskan - Blood From A Stone (Thoughtless)
Sid le Rock - Made For You (Soul Center remix) (Shitkatapult)
Noah Pred - Remember the Embers (Cynosure)
Niederflur - Neue Heimat (Niederflur Tracks)
Caribou - Ye Ye (Text)
Carlo Lio - Stuck In A Dream (Mindshake)
Rone - Planet Zoo (Infine)
Jack Dixon and Robin Card – Adrian (Take)
Rainbow Arabia – Kabukimono (Omar K remix) (Kompakt)
Jason Burns - Back 2 You   
Jacques Greene - Lay It Down (Nacho Lovers remix)   
Midland - Through Motion (Aus)
Niko Schwind - Back From the Bar (Stil Vor Talent)
Secret Cinema - Smooth Talc (Gem)
Uniforms for the Dedicated - March of No Coincidence (Mano Le Tough remix)               
Aquarius Heaven - 7 Days    Intro (Circus Company)
Echologist - Lunar Cycle (Steadfast)
Deepchord – Sofitel (Soma)
Technasia - Innocuous Clouds (Zadig remix) (Technasia)
Aiken – Hypothesis (Science)
Peter van Hoesen and Donato Dozzy – Elektra (Time To Express)
Kadebostan - Mon petit soleil d'Algerie (Freude am Tanzen)
Phil Kieran - Free Yourself (Phil Kieran)
Vince Watson – Pressure (Psycatron remix) (Bio)
Christian Martin – Ghosts (Trapez)
Subtle Lip Can – Tid Lac Boam (Drip Audio)
Crystal Castles – Baptism (Last Gang)


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