Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Swoon 400 - January 9, 2012

To celebrate 400 episodes of Swoon, I decided to something different.

For part one, I made a new mix of some of my favourite deep tracks, to contrast with the previous mix.

For part two, I decided to air a mix I made for myself and a few friends back in May 2008. I think it's the best CD mix I have ever made. At the time I was just getting into dubstep, minimal was still steaming along, and I've always had an ear for melodic techno and house. I put a lot of time and effort into my 'home' mixes, since it's something I plan on listening to repeatedly, unlike a typical weekly radio mix.

Adam Marshall - Champion (Cynosure)
Plastikman - Consume (M_nus)
Trentemoller - Chameleon (Poker Flat)
Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Holunderbaum (Musik Gewindt Freunde)
Booka Shade - Darko (Radio Slave remix) (Get Physical)
Margot - Vorticiccione (Dyno remix) (Margot Records)
Minilogue - Inca (Wir)
Shackleton - Blood On My Hands (Ricardo Villalobos’ Apocalypso Now mix) (Skull Disco)

Pole – Achterbahn (Shackleton remix) (~scape)
Pinch – Qawwali (Planet μ)
Burial – archangel (Hyperdub)
Lowfish – Burn The Lights Out (Satamile)
The Thrillers – Mamba (Persona)
Ricardo Villalobos – Andruic and Japan (Fabric)
Akiko Kiyama – Hakobi (District of Corruption)
Marek Bois – Whopair (Rrygular)
Ripperton – Leonor's Lanugo (Leonid mix) (Perspectiv)
Add Noise – Handwerk (Handwerk)
Radio Slave – Tantakatan (Rekids)
Estroe – Driven (Connaissuer)
Gabriel Ananda – Lila Pause (Traum)
Internullo – Sentimente (Nea Marin remix) (Desolat)
Francesco Tristano – The Melody (C2 remix) (Infine)
Byetone – Plastic Star (Sleeparchive mix) (Raster Noton)
Toby Tobias – Breakdown (Rekids)
Force of Nature – Sequencer (Stefan Goldmann mix) (Mule Electronic)
Federleicht – In The Streets (Connaisseur)

Finally, ended with The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds, which is now 20 years old!

hour one
hour two