Sunday, September 15, 2013

Swoon 476 - September 9, 2013

Phil Kieran - Le Carousel remixes - Stick Together (Phil Kieran remix) (Phil Kieran records)
Guillamino Tegami - Tegami
Guillaume and the Coutu Dumonts - Take Back all of Those Things - Erotic Discourse (Circus Company)
Volor Flex and Encode - Altiplano - Boring Apparatus (Apollo)
Deebs - Awry - At Sea, Sea Siq
Tim Hecker - Virgins - Virginal II 
Adam Marshall - Night Train (New Kanada)
Spitzer - Clunker (The Same Interpretation) (Infine)
Legion of Green Men - Floating in Shallow Water - Owls in the Apple Tree (Post Contemporary)
G-Prod - Influence - Lumina
Hans Bouffmyre - Mesmeric (Electric Deluxe)
Oliver Deutschmann - Breakdown 
Davide Cali - Synchrony (Oliver Lieb remix) 
Jermey Greenspan and Borys - Gold told Me To - Saint Hood (Jiaolong)
Mathew Jonson - Her Blurry Pictures - Body in Motion (Crosstown Rebels)
Tapirus - To Live In the Heart of Those We Love Is Never To Die (Midnight Shift)
Atoms for Peace - Amok - Amok (XL)
Braids - Flourish Perish - Together (Flemish Eye)
Heterotic - Love and Devotion - Slumber (Planet mu)
Francesco Tristano - Summer remixes - Strings of Life (Apparat remix) (Infine)