Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Swoon 562 - September 14, 2015

Roisin Murphy Jealousy Timo Maas and James Teej mix Hot Creations
blondish El Sleazo El Sleazo Rebirth
Yard One Apportion rozenstraat Tact
Martyn Hare Forever Empty JoeFarr remix Emetic
1800 Haight Street The Pursuit Insects Lobster Theremin
Egyptrixx Transfer of Power Disclipline 1982 Halocline Trance
FX Mchn Dunn Dunn
Doorly and Hauswerks Swamp Donkey Swamp Donkey Hot Creations
Concubine Concubine Pivoting Planes Concubine
Alex Under
eclay4 cmyk
Monomood Explorer The Pacifist Infine
One Track Brain Kitten Play Dust Devil One Track Brain
Foba Boss White Boy Shado Tessier Ashpool
Suflet Sara Sara Planet Rhythm
Mathew Jonson Typerope Magic Through Music Itiswhatitis
Maarka Faza noastra Pride Old machine remix Simple Things
Flowers and Sea Creatures Afternoons and Afterhours Alternate Endings Buzzin Fly
Thomas Ragsdale Bait Who Holds the Devil Hold Him Well
Cubenx Banquet Banquet Infine
Monokle Rings Calypt Ki
Deebs Songs4ubym3 At Last Deebs