Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Swoon 584 - April 11, 2016

Luke Vibert - Bizarster - Knockout (Planet mu)
ttwwrrss - A Summer of Towers - Uptown (Maisonneuve)
Graze - Scrap (New Kanada)
Vincent Parker - Hypo
Guy J - The Trees - Sleep In My Arms (Bedrock)
DJ Tennis - Divisions (Roman Flugel remix) (Life & Death)
Blond:ish - Lovers in Limbo - Lucy's Affair (Kompakt)
ALRM - The Time Is Now (Modern Agenda)
Timo Maas and James Teej - Shadows of Your Suns (Rebellion)
David Marston, Jordan Rosenberg and Aubrey Nolan - Kindness of Bearer - True (Soul Clap)
Crowdpleaser and Mah_mood - Moon Faze - Yasmin (multi Culti)
Alex Burkat - Permanent Vacation 5 - Pay the Rent (Barnt remix) (Permanent Vacation)
MRV Signal - Remorse 
Concubine - Kingfisher (Concubine)
Justin Robertson - Metal Taste (Gerd Janson Melodia Dub) (Skint)
Whitesquare - Something to Say (Culprit)
Recondite - Phalanx (Hot Flush)
Prove Them Wrong & Vertigo - Omen 

Perc & Truss - Badman (Perc Trax)

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