Thursday, April 28, 2016

Swoon 586 - April 25, 2016

Georgi Barrel - Misdemeanour
Shaun J Wright and Alinka - Pleasure (Crosstown Rebels)
Jordan - Stop the Block 
Concubine - Kingfisher - Drowning (Concubine)
Jooj - Shoulders and Whispers (Last Gang Records)
Cats Cradle - Big Friday Sunrise Sessions - Without You
Jerusalem in my Heart - If He Dies - What if the hijaz were enough (Constellation)
My Electronic Friends - Temporal Echoes - On the outside (East van Digital)
CFCF - In the Courtyard (International Feel)
Guy J - Miss You Miles Away (Bedrock)
Ceramic TL - Sign of the Cross - I Attached To and Pored Over Photos of Places I loved that were reduced to Ash (Halocline Trance)
Benjamin Wood - Zone/Interzone - Stifled (Celesta)
Deadbeat - Primordia - Public Inspiration (BLKRTZ)
Damian Lazarus - Adventures of the Ancient Moons (Juan Atkins and Kimyon Huggins remix) (Crosstown Rebels)
Third Son - Prospara (Still Vor Talent)
Moog Conspiracy - Pulse - Red (Elektrotribe)
Jamie Haus - Intrude (Planet Rhythm)
Yan Cook - Moonflow (Planet Rhythm Black)
Splinter (UA) - Headless Thinker 
Carlo Lio - Desolat X - Don't You Worry (Desolat)
Mathew Jonson - Magic Through Music (Itiswhatitis)
Avalon Emerson - The Frontier (Whities)
Edu Imbernon and Los Suruba - Shadows of Rigadon (Clarian Red Ocean remix) (Suara)
Magit Cacoon - Endless (Rebellion)

Hunter/Game - Adaptation - Ashes (Kompakt)

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