Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Swoon 018 - October 20, 2003

Jello -
Anthony Rother - Hacker (Psi49net)
AFX - Run the Place Red (Men)
Casino vs. Japan - Aquarium (Wobblyhead)
Goldfrapp - Heavy Trees (Mute)
Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds (Island)
Radioactive Man - Goodnight Morton (Rotters Golf Club)
GD Luxxe and Solvent - Quiet Life (Suction)
Black Dog Productions - Flux (Rising High)
Matthew Herbert - Redrum
Michael Mayer - Twin Peaks
Losoul - Lies (Volga)
Radio 4 - Dance To The Underground (DFA mix)
Jas - Hitchhiking (Hooj)
Head Honcho - Medicine (Jukebox in the Sky)
Amani vs Teapot - Calling To My Roots
Yunus - Euphrates
Depeche Mode - Only When I Lose Myself (Lexicon Avenue mix) (Mute)
Avril Lavigne - I'm With You (Leama and Moor remix) (white)