Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Swoon 019 - October 27, 2003

Hooj Choons (Huge Tunes, get it?) records went out of business in September 2003. Sad, since they released many great house and trance tracks. Here's my tribute, a combination best-of and typical-of.

Trancesetters - Synergy (Kenneth Graham mix)
Andy Ling - Fixation
Jark Prongo - Movin' Thru Your System
Baby Doc and the Dentist - Tales of the Seraphim
Lulu - The DJ, The Music and Me (John Creamer and Stephane K mix)
Echomen - Thru 2 You (Bushwacka! mix)
Legend of Talking Dog - My Shadow Dances (Red Jerry mix)
Morel - True (The Faggot Is You) (Deep Dish Poof Daddy mix)
Katcha - Touched By Dog (Peace Division mix)
16b - Escape (Driving to Heaven) (Omid's Main mix)
Marmion - Schoenberg
Energy 52 - Cafe del Mar (Three 'n One mix)
Lost Tribe - Angel
Tilt - Seduction of Orpheus (Tilt's Numerology Dub)
Space Manoeuvres - Stage One (Total Separation mix)
Lustral - Everytime (Nalin and Kane mix)
Pete Lazonby - Sacred Cycles
Jas - Hitchhiking (Chicken Lips Dub)
Aphasia - Acapulco (Q6 mix)

And some tracks I wanted to play, but didn't have time for:
Jones & Stephenson - 1st Rebirth
Sourmash - Pilgrimage to Paradise
Trancesetters - Roaches (Peace Division mix)
Trancesetters - Roaches (Slacker mix)
Movin' Melodies - Indica
Felix - Don't You Want Me
JX - You Belong To Me
Space Kittens - Storm
The Light - Expand the Room
Killahurtz - West on 27th
Oscar G. and Stryke - Hypnotized
anything by LSG

There's probably others too. The Hooj Choons website is www.hooj.com. A good discography is here . It also links to discographies for Hooj-associated labels Airtight, Lost Language, Prolekult and Top Banana.