Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Swoon 024 - December 1, 2003
Tricky - Excess (Hollywood)
SCSI-9 - Just Married (Force Tracks)
Jackmate - Dehydeated (Resopal)
B. Fleischmann - 02/00 (Morr)
Rechenzentrum - Synchron (Mille Plateaux)
Vincent Gallo - No More Mama Papa (Warp)
Matthew Dear - The Crush (Spectral Sound)
Plaid - Marry (Warp)
Amen Andrews - Fast and Bulbous (Rephlex)
LFO - Mum, I've Had An Accident (Warp)
Ellen Allien - Erdbeermund (Bpitchcontrol)
King of Spin - Flake And An Anorak (Bleepy mix)
Dub Taylor - Your Soul (Force Tracks)
Rolasoul - Desire (Main mix) (Plastic Fantastic)
Sly Fidelity and Clubfoot - Hurt Me (Painkiller mix) (10 Kilo)
Jewel - Stand (Scumfrog's Hooker and Hash mix) (Atlantic Records)
The Hives vs. Slide - I Wanna (CDR)
Jay-J and Chris Lum - Freaks LIke Us (Mojolator's Tec mix) (Fluential)
Carl Craig and Laurent Garnier - Demented (Or Just Crazy) (Planet E)
Fuse - Mantrax (Plus8)