Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Swoon 025 - December 8, 2003

The first hour of the show was a new mix cd I have made.

B. Fleischmann - 02/00 (Morr)
Rechenzentrum - Norden (KittyYo)
Dynamo - 18 degrees (DIN)
LFO - Blown (Warp)
Murcof - Memoria (Context)
T. Raumschmiere - Substrom (Hefty)
Agent 001 - Stinger (Opek)
Teapot - Question of Life
Medway and Sean Cusick - Neutrix (SAW)
Spincycle - Flashlight (HDS)
Cerebral Dub - Blowfish (Seed vs. Teapot mix) (Numeric/System)
King of Spin - Flare and an Anorak (Bleepy mix) (Ronster)
James Holden - The Wheel
Rozzo - Blue (Trackdown)

after the mix came:

Future Sound of London - My Kingdom (Part 4) (Virgin)
Plaid - Cedar City (Warp)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Suite from Restless
DJ Shine - Radio (Nice+smooth)
Bola - Forcasa 1 (Skam)
LFO - Sleepy Chicken (Warp)
Willie Bobo - Fried Neckbones And Home Fries (Dan the Automator mix) (Verve)
DJ Frane - Toad (Tuff City Massive)
Anthony Rother - Justitia (Psi49net)
Rechenzentrum - Tiefenscharfe (Mille Plateaux)
UNKLE - Reign (Mowax)

If you are curious about CFBU, here's a story about the building we broadcast from.