Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Swoon 029 - January 5, 2004

Christian Kleine - Guitar Interrupt (City Centre Offices)
B. Fleischmann - Take a Day Off (Morr Music)
Ms. John Soda - Solid Ground (Morr Music)
Plaid - Mfaus (Warp)
Momu - Donner Pass (Sunsicle)
Pmt - Gyromancer (Acetate)
Unkle - Eye For An Eye (Mode mix) (Mowax)
Astrom - Nasty Bitch (PMS mix) (Pure Music)
4 Toasters - The Real World Pt. 1 (Twisted America)
Tony Estrada - Close (Distraekt)
Sasha - Lupus (Jimmy van M vs. Cass and Slide mix)
Quirk - Yebo (Brancaccio and Aisher mix) (Automatic)
Dimas and Martinez - Death of My Soul (Beat Freak)
Paul Rogers - Krafty (G-Pal mix) (Sumsonic)
Inkfish - Acting Out (Tribe mix) (Not On Label)
Scanners - Femme Fatale (Grayarea's Damaged Goods mix) (Debunk)
Art of Trance - Cambodia (Rising High)
Art of Trance - Orange (Platipus)