Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Swoon 042 - April 19, 2004

Flowchart - Fast Forward (rmx by Lali Puna) (Morr)
Casino vs. Japan - Marilyn Set Me Free (Attacknine)
Hellothisisalex - The New Judy (White)
Amon Tobin and Bonobo - I'll Have the Waldorf Salad (Ninja Tune)
Anthony Rother - La Bete (Psi49net)
Radioactive Man - Strong Booze (Transparent Sound mix) (Rotters Golf Club)
Bochum Welt - Telegame (Device)
Denzel + Huhn - Rye (City Centre Offices)
L'usine - Dr. Chinme (Mental.Ind.Records)
Kit Clayton - Impetigo (Orthlorng Musork)
Manual - It's Night on Planet Earth (Darla)
Kape Ill Meister - Top (A13)
Matthew Dekay - More Money, More Power (LowRiders)
Flash Brothers - Release Time (Benz and MD's 5am mix)
Invisible Inc. - Stars (Sumsonic)
Mara - Satisfy Me (Shafunkers mix)
David Morales and DJ Pierre - Make it Hot (Pierre's Wild Pitch mix) (Definity)
Christian Cambas - It Scares Me (Micali and Ajami mix) (Bedrock)
Luke Chable and Jono Fernandez - Come To Me (Vapour)
West Magnetic - Give it UP for Freelet Let Us Down (Ultrasound)
Dragosh - Strange Potion (Tox)