Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Swoon 049 - June 7, 2004

Orbital - The Box 3 (ffrr)
Wagon Christ - EZ Listener (Rising High)
Teknostep - I Think Part Time, I Feel Full Time (Nice+smooth)
Andrea Parker - Invasion (Quartermass)
Amon Tobin - Proper Doodidge (Ninja Tune)
Telefon Tel Aviv - What It Is Without the Hand That Wields It (Hefty)
Andrew Duke - Stone Skips 7 Times (Cognition)
Gentle People - Journey (Aphex Twin mix) (Warp)
Beef Terminal - Your Revolution (Noise Factory)
Casino vs. Japan - Night of April (Attack Nine)
Christian Kleine - Stations (City Centre Offices)
Galerie Stratique - Souvenirs Maritimes (Statik)
Boards of Canada - 1969 (Warp)
Millimetrik - Dans la Profondeur, tout S'eclaircit (Statik)
Manual - 1986 (Darla)
Fires of Ork - Fires of Ork (FAX)
Deadbeat vs. Stephen Beaupre - Little Cosmonaut (Onitor)
Daft Punk - Face to Face (Demon mix) (Virgin)
Plaid - Stills (Warp)
Amorphous Androgynous - She Sells Electric Ego (Fulfill)