Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Swoon 050 - June 14, 2004

Claro Intelecto - Peace of Mind (Ai)
Dot Allison - I Think I Love You (Radioactive Man mix) (Mantra)
Christian Kleine - Handsome Used (City Centre Offices)
Amorphous Androgynous - The Conga Run (Fulfill)
Spektrum - Freakbox (Villalobos mix) (Playhouse)
Kalle M - Fukifuki (Iron Box)
Fabrice Lig - Underground Will Never Die (Playhouse)
Circulation - Ecru (Circulation)
John Aquaviva - Metal Detector (Benz and MD mix)
Paranoid Jack - Soldiers of the Underground (Stickman)
Kenny Hawkes and Louise Carver - Play the Game (Music for Freaks)
Soul Mekanik - Get Your Head Stuck On Your Neck (Rip)
Fex - Striken Roots (Marine Parade)
Scsi-9 - All She Wants Is (Wighnomy Bros. mix) (Kompakt)
Deadbeat vs. Stephen Beaupre - Ample Slacks (Onitor)
Avus - Real (Nathan Fake mix) (Border Community)
Quivver - Space Manoeuvres Part 3 (Boz Boz)
Luke Chable and Jono Fernandez - Come to Me
Telefon Tel Aviv - Nothing is Worth Losing That (Hefty)