Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Swoon 062 - September 13, 2004

G.O.L. - Soma Holiday (Waveform)
The Orb - Orb is (EMI)
Herrmann & Kleine - Where Have You Been (City Center Offices)
Gescom - Key Nell 3 (Skam)
Keef Baker - Bingo Hall Murders (n5md)
Kid Spatula - Sad and Solid (Planet Mu)
Mouse on Mars - Spaceship (Thrill Jockey)
Kit Clayton - Izmit (Vertical Form)
Orbital - One Perfect Sunrise (ATO)
Interstate - CC16 (Bedrock)
Circulation - Controlled Mayhem (End)
Dragosh - Strange Potion (Tox)
Four Tet - All the Chimers (Domino)
Elizabeth Anka Vajagic - And the Sky Lay Still (Constellation)
Arovane - Instant Gods Out of the Box (City Centre Offices)
Real Life - Shark Infested (Waveform)
Faithless - Salva Mea (Tuff mix) (Cheeky)