Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Swoon 384 - August 29, 2011

Bjork – Crystalline (One Little Indian)
Austra - Lose It (120 Days remix) (Domino)
Lilian Hak - Rebels Outlaws Misfits (Matthew Herbert mix) (Siren)
Korablove - Puppet Theatre (Protez)
Roll the Dice - In Dust (Calling All Workers)
Deadbeat - Fourth Quarter (Cala's House) (Blkrtz)
Dadub – Biopoiesis (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
Unbalance – Claustrophobia (Indeks)
Jenn Mierau - Hush (The Other Version) (Galactique)
Kent Bulkovich – Platform (naiSA)
Pig and Dan - Let Me Be Myself (Balushi)
Easy Changes – Sterlyad (Mean)
Cass Collective - Buried in the Woods (Techno Therapy)
Tex Rec feat. Gracie - Evil Inside Me (Sonata)
Pan/Tone – Rooster (Sender)
Terence Fixmer - Le Terrible (Electric Deluxe)
Gregor Tresher - The Life Wire (Petar Dundov version)
Moby - Victoria Lucas (Sasha remix) (Little Idiot)
Luis Junior – BG (Bedrock)
CFCF – Summerlong (Paper Bag)
unknown - Blocks Recording Club compilation track 9 (Blocks Recording Club)